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[Hirayas Bloom] Bibble Earrings

[Hirayas Bloom] Bibble Earrings


Hirayàs 🌱✨
💚  10 mm Hoop
💚 Stainless Steel
🧡 Pendants are Sustainable and Made from Natural Materials (Agar, Glycerol, Bentonite, Water)
🧡Each Pendant is Handmade with Love and Care
💚Comes in a Reusable Suede Bag and Compostable Packaging


Yippee-doo! Your favorite Puffballs have arrived. Are you more like Bibble or Dizzle? Maybe both? With our Bibble and Dizzle earrings, you'll have your very own Puffball flying over your shoulder 🦋

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