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[Hirayas Bloom] Mariposa Necklace

[Hirayas Bloom] Mariposa Necklace


Hirayàs 🌱✨
💚 18 in Chain 
💚 Stainless Steel
🧡 Pendants are Sustainable and Made from Natural Materials (Agar, Glycerol, Bentonite, Water)
🧡Each Pendant is Handmade with Love and Care
💚Comes in a Reusable Suede Bag and Compostable Packaging


Our very own Barbie inspired Mariposa necklace will truly make you feel like a fairy the moment you put it on 🦋  Unleash your inner child and let your heart take you to your very own Flutterfield. 


The best part? They're made of natural and sustainable materials. So not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also look good doing it.


Our Mariposa necklace features a silver-blue butterfly pendant with silver stainless steel hardware.

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