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[Hirayas Cupid's] Cupid's Arrow Earrings

[Hirayas Cupid's] Cupid's Arrow Earrings


Hirayàs 🌱✨
💚 10 mm Hoop
💚 Gold Plated Stainless Steel
🧡 Pendants are Sustainable and Made from Natural Materials (Agar, Glycerol, Bentonite, Water)
🧡Each Pendant is Handmade with Love and Care
💚Comes in a Reusable Suede Bag and Compostable Packaging


What better way to shoot your shot than with Cupid's Arrows 💘 Whether you choose to purchase a pair for yourself or gift them to a special someone, you'll be sure to catch some hearts 😉


The best part? They're made of natural and sustainable materials. So not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also look good doing it.


Our Cupid's Arrows feature a pink arrowhead heart pendant and a chartreuse fletching pendant, connected with gold-plated stainless steel hardware. 

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